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1970: NECC receives initial accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEAS&C).

Aerial view of the Haverhill Campus circa 1971in

Aerial view of the Haverhill Campus circa 1971.


1971: The new Haverhill campus officially opened in September with more than 2,000 students.

1971 Observer article about the new campus

October 12, 1971 Observer cover story about the new campus.

1974: The Haverhill campus was formally dedicated on May 10. The students, faculty and staff were joined by more than five hundred friends of the college and local and state officials for a program. It was a day to honor Harold Bentley and an occasion to symbolize all that had been accomplished since 1960.

Headshot of John R. Dimitry

John R. Dimitry, second president of NECC.


1975: Founding President Harold Bentley retired and John R. Dimitry became the college’s second president. A collective bargaining agreement emerged with faculty and professional staff.

1976: The Archives collection is created and housed in the NECC Learning Resource Center (now Bentley Library).


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